Susquehanna and Wyoming County Trehab Community Resource Centers

Exterior of Montrose Community Resource Center

Interior of Montrose Community Resource Center

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ext. 5220 (Montrose)

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Trehab operates two Community Resource Centers, in Montrose (Susquehanna County) and Tunkhannock (Wyoming County). The primary goal of the centers is to act as a community resource to assist individuals and families on two-tracts: overall wellness and comprehensive connection to community resources and workforce assistance. This includes employment skills, career counseling, high school equivalence assistance, and reentry assistance.


The resource centers are county wide recovery support centers for individuals in recovery and families of those in recovery, in addition to providing long-term support for all.

The centers provide access to a coordinated network of community-based services and supports, both those operated by Trehab and those run by other community partners. The breadth of services offered by Trehab, along with the connections the organization has developed over more than 40 years of service, are conducive to a comprehensive approach to addressing client barriers.


Trehab believes those recovering from a substance use disorder can establish wellness and thrive, with a proper support system. The centers are peer-run and resource and advocacy centers, designed as a safe and supportive space in which individuals can explore and define their recovery. They are person centered and build on the strength and resilience of individuals, families, and the community, to help those with or at risk of a substance use disorder to achieve stability, abstinence, and improved health, wellness, and quality of life.


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Services are facilitated with the assistance of vision teams. Click here for more information.

Exterior of Tunkhannock Community Resource Center

Interior of Tunkhannock Community Resource Center